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To help you find the look and design for your window or door project, we've assembled an Ideas Gallery to inspire your creativity. From these samples ideas you may gain inspiration to help you capture ideas of what you can have manufactured for your small replacement, home renovation, or new build with products by Maritime Door and Window.

Choose a category below that suits your interest. Save the ideas that interests you and submit it to one of our experts who can turn your dream into a reality with our window, doors and accessories that brings your creative touch to your space.


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Window Ideas Gallery

Windows define a room's look and feel. Anything that can be imagined can probably be manufactured. To get a better idea of what you want, please explore these sample design ideas.

Exterior Door & Entrance Ideas Gallery

Door and Entrance decisions require a balance between security and environmental efficiency decisions. This balance includes the design look and feel of the final product within your walls.

Interior Door Ideas Gallery

Find the doors that match your unique style with our gallery of traditional and modern interior doors, mirrored doors in a variety of settings to show the potential we have to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

Garage Door Ideas Gallery

The Garage Door Gallery is a collection of the current best practices in door design as a protective environmental barrier and the functionality of providing seasonal access with strong security.

Accessories Ideas Gallery

The architectural detail around the door and window frames and walls make a fashion and design statement. A very distinctive look, feel and function adds that finishing touch to any room, doorway or railing to enhance the appeal of your home.

Whole Home Design Ideas for Your Home Project

The key to making a choice is to have a wide range of designs and architectural pictures from which to choose. We have assembled some here and will be adding new sample photos on a regular basis.